Mrs. O'Keefe

Sept 7th, 2016

Hello All,

This year, along with science content, my classes are incorporating Transferable Skills that will promote real world skills and support more student-directed learning. All students have a list of Transferable Skills in their folder. The list they have is written in more student friendly language, however, the actual document that they are from can also be found at this site:

The 6th grade is working through an "Identity Unit" that will lead them to developing goals that reflect their personal interests and hopes for the future. Ask them about their "I Am" poem, which they are working on with Google Slides, and the Autobiographical Map that they will be completing in art.

The 7th grade is focusing on Transferable Skills as they work in groups to complete design challenges. Ask them about the catapult challenge. They will continue to practice these skills, as they work through the Engineering and Design Process in groups, on a woodworking project that will benefit the school.

The 8th grade is studying physical and chemical properties and changes, and preparing materials and activities to share this learning with the 5th grade. They conducted their first class today! According to the 5th graders, it went well.

All classes are off to a great start. I feel very good about the progress each class has made toward independence in learning so early in the year.


Vicky O'Keefe