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5th Grade MATH

WELCOME! We are excited to learn more in 2017.


March Overview

Calendar Grid this month gives students practice using the standard algorithm for multiplying multi-digit whole numbers and helps them apply the associative property, with place value patterns, to multiply related decimal numbers. The Calendar Collector involves a playful trial in which each student is given a brand new pencil at the beginning of the month to use: each week, students measure their pencils to the nearest eighth of an inch and create a line plot with the data, which they use to solve computation problems. They play Quotient Bingo in the Computational Fluency workout to practice division and write their own problems in the Solving Problems workouts. This month’s Problem Strings involve addition and subtraction of fractions, where the fractions are mixed numbers and the addition problems have multiple addends.

(Description excerpt from NC Teacher's Guide)

5th graders love using DreamBox Learning!


Place Value and Decimals

Bridges in Mathematics Grade 5

After our vacation break, we will be multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals. We will continue to develop a number of strategies that strengthen our number sense, mental math, and estimation skills.

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Students presenting My Side of the Mountain projects


This year I am taking the Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) training course through the East Central Vermont Literacy Consortium. We are fortunate to have the LLI program available to students in grades K-8.

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