Miss Bean

Hello Everyone!

We have a busy few months ahead of us. Students are working on researching and writing biographies on famous Vermonters. At the end of February we will have a presentation of learning for students to share about the person they chose. Please check the school calendar for the date and time. In math we are working on measurement, fractions, and multi-digit addition and subtraction. If you would like more information about the strategies we're learning please let me know. We are also continuing our partnership with Siskin, learning about our local watersheds and how we can help protect them.

I expect all 4th graders to read 30 minutes each weeknight and 40 minutes on the weekends as well as writing a short summary for three of their entries each week. In addition I would like students practicing their multiplication facts for 15 minutes every night. Twice a week they may complete a math page instead of their math facts.

Feel free to contact me any time. I check my email frequently and will typically respond within a day.


Miss Bean