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Some Resources for Families This is not an exhaustive list of resources, but here is a starting point for anyone who needs food or sometimes financial assistance.

  • 211 – Calling 211 will offer you a wide range of service lists. You would call the number and wait for a person to come on the line and ask you questions about what you need. They will then research to find you support systems.
  • Island Pond Food Shelf – is remaining open. Please call ahead at 723-5037 to make an appointment to come pick up food donations. Someone will meet you at the door with the food. They are unable to have people come in and choose what food they want right now, so the box will be packed with food the volunteers choose.
  • Salvation Army Emergency Funds – There are funds available to families in need – a limited amount per month – to help with things like heat, food, electricity (the essentials, they said). You would call the same number as for the Island Pond Food Shelf – 723-5037 o NECKA Food Shelf and Crisis Fuel, Electric and Housing Help – Call the Newport office at 334-7316 for more information. They are open, just not taking people into the building. The food shelf in Newport is open Monday through Friday from 12-4 right now.
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Newport (44 2nd Street) – They host a monthly meal on the last Tuesday of each month from 12-1. It will be “togo” until further notice. They also have a food shelf open Mondays from 11:30-12:30. This is not only for Newport residents. It’s for anyone. Contact 334-7365.
  • Joshua House – If people are out of work for a long time because of this crisis and are facing issues with Mortgage, rent, or other larger expenses, Joshua House will accept applications for aid. If they donate, they do so once in a 12 month period per recipient. Call 802-323-3848 or visit their web site: .
  • United Church of Newport (63 3rd Street) – They offer a free meal the 3rd Thursday of every month from 11:30-1:00. It will be take-out for now. They also run a food shelf for anyone, not just Newport residents. The shelf gets its deliveries the first Thursday of the month and distributes food to people the following Tuesday and Wednesday. Contact the church office at 334-6033 Also, visit to find a lot of additional information.