Our School Counselor is Trista Bruns.

Guidance services at Charleston Elementary School focus on the developmental needs of children. A systematic approach is used to enhance healthy social, emotional, and educational growth and has been designed to serve the needs of all children at each stage of their development, framed around the American School Counselor Association National Model. This framework for counseling programs supports our overall mission by promoting academic achievement, career planning, and personal/social development. The School Counselor is available to assist individual students, small groups, and families in crisis and can provide valuable links to local community resources and agencies. Parents and guardians are welcome to share any concerns related to their child’s success.

As an active member of the professional team, the School Counselor provides opportunities for students to develop self-understanding, self-evaluation and self-direction. This is accomplished through weekly class guidance lessons, one on one meetings, personalized student success plans, group counseling, and school-wide programmatic events. If you have a question about what services are available for your student please call Ms. Bruns at 802-895-2915.


Please refer to these local and community resources to assist your child and family.

Northeast Kingdom Human Services (therapeutic services, transportation assistance, case management)


Northeast Kingdom Community Action (parenting and resource support for low-income families)


RCT (transportation for local families)