Mrs. Farrow

Fun in First Grade

This Month:January

Siskin Fieldtrip Jan 24th! Dress for the weather.

Topics this month THE MOON! Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, non -fiction reading and writing and number lines for addition and subtraction.

December Update

We had such a busy month. We studied Reindeer. We learned so many fascinating facts about them. First grade even got up and presented some of these facts to the entire school when Mrs. Applegate asked "What's cool in school?" . They did a great job presenting. They used strong voices and made eye contact with their audience.

Some of their facts were:

  • Reindeer migrate more than 1,000 miles.
  • Reindeer swim many miles at a time.
  • Reindeer warm the cold air in their noses before it gets into their lungs to make breathing easier.
  • Reindeer eat lichen a kind of moss.